Look out; Mimi’s coming and she’s got her camera!

How can it be August already? And how can Callan be nearly 4 months and Konnor nearly 3 years old? All that stuff your mama told you about time flying by is absolutely true!

So I’m renewing efforts to grab a camera, use it, and actually print real pictures. I’m actually pretty good at keeping up with this but lately I’ve slacked off a bit. I take pix, sort and delete, edit what I’m keeping, and put them in a desktop file folder to send to Costco for printing. I even have a fairly good filing system so I can always locate all the digital prints I’ve taken over the years. Of course, backing them up is another story. I definitely need to improve there!

We all love looking at pictures whether in an album or on a PC or television screen, but we often don’t think about snapping them to begin with. Why is that? I know I sometimes feel silly asking people to pose or trying to capture a candid shot. After all, we see our family and friends frequently so it seems unimportant at the time.

But good as I am about the whole picture process when I looked at my most recent album I was shocked to discover it had been something like 8 months…hmm, Christmas, in fact, since I had last printed any pix, other than those of Callan’s birth. Sure there are a few cell phone pix but that’s really it. Not good.

So this gal is going to make a better effort. I need to have a pix of my newest grandson in his Firehouse Subs hat sitting on my desk and I certainly need to see Konnor putting on the Konnor Show or with messy hands making cake balls with his mommy.

From now on that camera goes into my bag each Sunday night so I have it ready for Mondays with Mimi. No more missed pix for me. And the same goes for my friends. So look out my loved ones. Mimi and her camera are coming your way!

Now let’s talk about those cake balls for a moment. If any of you are in the dark about these delicious treats (as I was a few months ago), let me explain. They look like Dunkin’ Donuts Munchkins but they’re actually made up of cake and frosting. They’re easy and fun to make and I’m sure your little ones will have a blast helping you with them. Here’s the scoop.

Bake any flavor cake in a 9×13 pan, cool completely. Once cooled, start crumbling it into a large bowl. Yes, crumble it into teeny tiny pieces. Then stir in ¾ to 1 tub of any flavor frosting. Have fun experimenting with different combinations. Chill in the fridge or freezer for a bit, otherwise it’s too gooey to handle. Then start rolling into balls, big, small – you decide. Once rolled you can chill again, then decorate by dipping into melted chocolate or rolling in nut, coconut or sprinkle. You can even drizzle white chocolate on top. Anything goes! I’ve seen pictures of them pierced onto small wooden skewers or at the top of lollipop sticks. Keep in the freezer and pop one in your mouth whenever you crave a little sweet treat. And above all – have fun.

One thought on “Look out; Mimi’s coming and she’s got her camera!

  1. Oh so true about not thinking about taking those pictures!
    I copied the recipe for those yummy sounding Cake Balls. I will share with my daughter-in-love and probably the mom’s at Real Mom’s/Real Life when we start up again this fall. Thanks again, friend! Dare I even mention that we really ought to plan a meeting? Sigh.

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