Thank goodness for parents!

I love my parents. They live two and a half hours away and we’ve seen them a few times lately so when they said they wanted to come for a quick overnight I was thinking…”Hmm, wonder why?” But it wasn’t about me; it was about their great grandsons. They missed them and wanted to see them. How sweet is that!

So they drove 150 miles for an afternoon visit with Greg and me, then in the morning they drove an additional half hour to visit with the little ones. I kept telling Konnor I had a big surprise for him and at the appropriate time had him wait by the front door to watch them drive up. He was so excited. And so was I.

It can be challenging to be around little ones – you have a baby who is cute as a button but doesn’t interact much, and then a very active toddler who is a whirlwind of activity, talks up a storm, and can easily tire out even the most resolute adult. After a day of lifting Callan and keeping up with a very active Konnor I’m usually exhausted on Monday nights so to have my folks drive all that way to spend time with the boys was just the biggest blessing.

And the boys did their thing: Konnor put on the Konnor show for his Gigi and Callan dutifully gave zillions of delightful gummy smiles to his Poppy and talked up a storm to boot!

Because of my parents’ visit, I was able to do something I hadn’t yet dared to do: venture out with the boys! We went to McDonalds. I thought we’d beat the lunch crowd but boy was I wrong!

The parking lot was a mess and without my parents along there’s no way I could have held Callan in the “baby bucket” while holding Konnor’s hand, grab the baby’s bottle and some money, lock the car, and made it across the parking lot safely. Even if I had, I couldn’t have stood in line and brought the food to the table.

But the boys’ precious great grandparents made it all possible. Oh, it was still a funny sight to see three adults try to take care of two small boys during the lunch rush, but we managed to get our food, eat it, AND have a great time.

As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, B.C. (before Callan) Konnor and I used to go out nearly every Monday. And I hope to do it again but I think I’ll give it another few weeks and maybe do something safe like go to Target or the grocery store.

Kudos to parents everywhere who deal with this every day. It’s been three decades since my own were that small. And since I can’t ever seem to remember where I put my glasses you can imagine me trying to remember how I took care of two children only 13 months apart. Suffice it to say I was MUCH younger. Maybe that’s the trick.

Meanwhile, thanks Mom and Dad. Loved seeing you, loved having your help, and more than anything love your big hearts that were willing to make such an effort to see your boys!


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