It’s the Konnor Show

Wow, what an improvement this grandma saw in watching her two boys this week. It’s still hard work but I think I was more at ease. It’s been nearly three years since No. 1 was an infant so when No. 2 came along I felt like I was back in kindergarten having to learn infant care all over again.

What’s his schedule, how often does he poop, what if he doesn’t poop, is he still spitting up, how do you clean up an infant covered in spit up while the nearly 3 year old is getting into things he shouldn’t, does he really eat every hour and a half, what do I do with him all day, how does that car seat actually fit onto the stroller, and why is this stroller so much heavier this time around (oh, I see, it’s a sit/stand stroller that holds BOTH kids at the same time!!!), etc., etc.

But I’m learning or relearning as the case may be. And along with taking care of an infant comes all sorts of side benefits such as big gummy smiles that warm your heart, and the rolling over that baby realizes thrills you to no end so he does it again and again, as well as the talking that seems to take every ounce of energy he can muster just to say a soft “ohhhh.” It’s the snuggles and giggles not only of the wee one but of the older one as he, too, delights in the antics of his baby brother.

Of course, on top of all that fun we have THE KONNOR SHOW. “May I have your attention, Mimi? Would you like to see The Konnor Show?” (Duh, of course I would.)

And what exactly is the Konnor show? It’s where Konnor stands up on the fireplace hearth (it’s about a foot off the floor so to Konnor it’s like his own personal stage), commands your attention by announcing his show, then proceeds to sing Itsby Bitsy Spider or Old McDonald followed by crazy mixed up dancing that includes somersaults on the floor, and telling you all about his stuff or things they done recently to the house.

Not only does it happen during The Konnor Show, but it happens every time I come over and it goes something like this: “This is my living room, and my toys; this is where Pop Pop painted, this is where I sleep, I have a helicopter, and my swimming pool is outside,” and on and on. My take on The Konnor Show and house tours is that in the future our Konnor will be center stage as a politician, actor, sports commentator, home design TV host or anything else that puts him in front of an audience.

And, of course, this week I continued to be called Meemz or even Meemzie, Konnor’s new nicknames for his Mimi. He always watches my reaction to see if I mind (I don’t). In fact I don’t care one little bit what I’m called because just knowing my little one is interacting with me and interested in me is precious beyond words.

Next Monday we have a very special treat in store because the kids’ Gigi and Poppy (great grandparents) are coming to spend a few hours with us. But shhh, don’t tell the boys. We’ll let it be a surprise!


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