Chillaxin’ at Chilly Spoons

So today Mimi (that’s me) came up with the totally awesome idea of skipping lunch and going straight to dessert. Since Mommy Kate wholeheartedly agreed, it was off to Chilly Spoons.

Don’t know if they have this great franchise where you live but you get about a million choices of frozen yogurt – all of it delish and all of it available to sample. Then giant cups are provided and you serve yourself: yogurt, toppings galore, more toppings, whipped cream, etc. You get the picture. Then you pay $.44 an ounce. Our $8.00 lunch fed all three of us!

This is a great place for kids except you need to watch them carefully as little fingers touch everything because it all looks so yummy. Konnor dutifully picked out his frozen yogurt (“Banilla, please”) and asked for chocolate sprinkles, then rainbow sprinkles and a pink spoon. I opted for cookies & cream topped with some mini Reese’s peanut butter cups, chopped peanuts, and a drizzle of both fudge sauce AND peanut butter sauce. It was a masterpiece.

Konnor and I ate across from each other. I offered him a bite; then he offered me a bit of his. He would say “Let’s trade,” then pass his spoon for me to enjoy his. About the time I had eaten half of mine and Konnor was just about done with his, he said “Let’s trade.” Only this time he didn’t want to trade spoons, he traded cups, taking my ENTIRE cup and finishing all my yummy stuff, while I was left to finish his final two bites. Hardly seems fair, does it! But it shows me how clever he is to have played me like that.

With yogurts finished and Mommy still enjoying hers, Konnor began bopping his head in time to the lively music. Pretty soon he was up on his feet grooving to the beat and shortly thereafter his Mimi joined in. (Please note: we were the only customers in the store at the moment and the two workers were in the back room.)

It was such fun, being free to just move around, act silly, and dance with my boy. Gee, a frozen yogurt lunch followed by dancing with my grandson, yup, I definitely had a great day.


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