Now why didn’t I think of that?

I’m a little out of commission this week, recovering from surgery and taking far longer than I thought I’d take. So no babysitting for me yesterday. However, daughter and family got together with her hubby’s brother and family over the weekend and from the photos provided – WOW! did they have fun!

I’m including two to show the absolute delight of simply eating watermelon with your cousins. Now I know Konnor loves watermelon but I’m still in the mode of cutting it up for him. But looking at the pix reveals what great fun the cousins had by simply eating it right off the rind. (Note the red leftovers around each delighted mouth.) Now, why didn’t I think of that!

It appears quite obvious that simple and basic should be a grandma’s motto. It really doesn’t take much to have a blast. What about building a fort with your kiddo, hanging out inside of it and taking silly photos like Konnor and his mommy did the other day? Or there’s always the old standby “decorate your baby brother with wipies” game.

As a mom of youngsters I would often be tempted to find the reason why my kids shouldn’t be doing something rather than to look at the creativeness behind their temporary invention of fun and cheering them on. My own brother is seven years younger so I remember many things about his early years and in particular one of his own inventions that provided hours of fun.

My brother turned over a card table so the folded legs were exposed. He pulled one leg up to a 45 degree angle, placed a stool nearby and that leg instantly became a microphone. He sang into it and even did some DJ type stuff. That same card table became a fort in seconds simply by tossing over a sheet or tablecloth. And one of my favorite uses of it was as a hospital nurses’ station the minute I added a clipboard, chair, and a play nurse’s cap on my head.

The imagination is amazing and limitless so go ahead give the kids that messy slice of watermelon and let them relish the deliciousness of experiencing not only the wonderful flavor but the juicy, cool, squishiness of the fruit as they take bite after glorious bite.

Would love to hear from you. Please feel free to share your thoughts.

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