I can’t believe another Monday has come and gone. The days slip by faster and faster it seems.

Remember being young and counting down the days to your birthday or Christmas? We thought they’d never get here. And our parents would tell us the older we got the faster time would go by. And they were right!

Yesterday we were able to rejoice in something so normal, so ordinary and oh so important: pooping. Yes, pooping—something that is often taken for granted but becomes a nightmare when your little one can’t! And just like the excitement we felt when Callan’s belly button stump fell off, we rejoiced again (even announcing it on facebook) when Callan was finally able to “do his thing” after five or six days. A few years ago I would never have imagined how concerned I would be about my grandchildren’s bodily functions, but it turns out it’s stuff like this that concerns parents and grandparents everywhere. Every day things that matter to us.

And Konnor? Why thank you for asking. It’s his communication that really impresses me lately. Understanding concepts like ‘yesterday’ or ‘later on.’ Or speaking in complex sentences. It’s just so lovely to have meaningful conversations with him.

And Konnor seems to be doing something Kate (his mommy) used to do – make up his own words that make complete sense. When Kate was young she would combined two words to form a new word with very similar meaning. For instance, purse-a-book for purse/pocketbook. It was a Katie-ism we just adored. Yesterday, Konnor did the same thing when he made up his own word that also made complete sense – cuzafor.

This is the word you use to explain why something happened. “I got a present cuzafor I didn’t pee in my pants all day.” Makes sense, doesn’t it!

And I’ll keep looking forward to my Mondays cuzafor all this cuteness from my grandchildren puts a smile on my face and brings joy to my heart. How grateful I am to be able to be such a big part of it!


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