Hey Mimi

When I was growing up if I dared to start a sentence with “Hey” inevitably I would hear in response “Hay is for horses.” And while it may not be good grammar to start a sentence with “Hey” I have to tell you, when Konnor calls out “Hey Mimi” I LOVE IT.

His “Hey Mimi” occurs all day long. I must hear it 20 times. And no, I’m not exaggerating. But I never tire of hearing it. It’s how he starts a sentence when he wants to share some amazing news or pass along a great idea. And what grandma wouldn’t want to hear the announcement that’s sure to follow!

Everything to a two-year-old seems to be filled with wonder. Whether it’s the dead worm I talked about last week, or Konnor just wanting me to play a game with him, “Hey Mimi” is an exclamation that promises a great time!

Also, this week I experienced a precious moment between Callan and Mommy. The little guy was waking up from his afternoon nap so I went in to get him. Konnor joined me and we began talking to the baby while he was still in the cradle. Soon, I put him on Kate’s bed to continue our “conversation.” (It was also easier on this grandma’s back to lean over a tall bed rather than the cradle that sits closer to the ground!)

For a while it was just Konnor, Callan and me. And you should have seen me working hard to get a smile out of Callan. But no dice…until Kate came in the room. She leaned close, said something, and boy! you should have seen Callan’s head turn immediately toward her – and smile. A big ole open mouth gummy smile, just for Mommy.

Seeing that recognition in him and his preference for Kate touched my heart in such a sweet way. As much as I enjoyed mothering my own children, it thrills me beyond words to watch my “little girl” enjoy being a mom and reap the reward of unconditional love.


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