And so it begins…

Yesterday, ever curious Konnor brought something into the house to show us – a dead worm.

It was a first for me. Konnor has shown me all sorts of other treasures before but they’re usually acorn hats or feathers or a penny he found outside. Never before has he brought in something dried up and dead.

And boy was he delighted at his find. To him it was a treasure. A true discovery. And he was so proud, too. With great excitement in his voice he declared he had found a dead worm (I didn’t even know he knew the term “dead”). And he came right inside to show it off.

We appropriately showed interest while explaining dead things needed to remain outside. And soon I found myself wondering what other “treasures” he and his brother will continue to find and share with us in the future. And how many of them will wind up in their pockets only to be discovered AFTER they go through the laundry!

But when you’re raising boys this is something you come to expect. So if Callan is anything like his older brother, then I think my advice to Kate is to always check pockets BEFORE doing laundry.

And while taking great interest in dead things may not be my cup of tea, I have to admit it reminded me that beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. Next time I see something I may at first consider less than desirable I hope I see it with the eyes of a curious two-year-old. For if I do, I just may discover that what I thought was “icky” may actually be something of great worth.


3 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. Just wanted to say hi and thanks so much for your comments on my blog! Grandkids are a great reason to start a blog. I so wish I had written down things my kids had said and done — there’s so much I’ve forgotten.

    I do remember those days of little boys bringing in interesting things!

    You might be interested in a neat blog called “The M.O.B. Society” — M.O.B. standing for Moms of Boys — even though you’re a grandmom. 🙂 It’s at

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