A new season

Yesterday Callan Reid Dougherty turned one week old. What a beautiful change to this former family of three—to now become a family of four.

Callan’s personality at this point is laid back and observant unless he’s hungry; then he’s a wild man. And sleep? Well, let’s just use this one word: AMAZING! No kidding. Most nights he gets in 12 straight hours waking only once or twice for a feeding. Will it last? Who knows? But it’s definitely being enjoyed for now. And this, of course, means Mommy and Daddy get decent sleep as well.

Now, Konnor didn’t have much say as to whether or not he wanted a sibling and he’s been quite a champ during Kate’s pregnancy. He would kiss her growing belly, pat it, put his ear to it hoping to hear something, and would often tell us Callan would arrive through Kate’s belly button. Yup, he was going to be a big brother. But whether he understood what that meant is anyone’s guess.

He did the visiting thing in the hospital, but it seemed a bit of a different story once Callan arrived home. In fact, when Callan first really began a heartfelt crying session, Konnor looked shocked at first and then his little mouth turned downwards as his own tears began to fall. I’m sure it was very upsetting to a two-year-old to hear his inconsolable baby brother.

Callan is a cutie for sure. He has dark hair like Konnor had at birth and his favorite position is being scrunched up like he was in the womb or swaddled tight. And he seems to really like the outdoors. Sometimes when crying all we need to do is carry him to a window or step outside to the porch and he calms down. Of course, this doesn’t always do the trick but when it does, it’s pure magic.

Friday will mark my first solo sitting experience with Callan while Kate has lunch with some friends and Konnor goes to the sitter’s house. Looking forward to some bonding; just me and the newest babe!

One thought on “A new season

  1. Aren’t you just thrilled that you live in town with Kate, Konnor and Callan?! Not sure what I’d do if my grandbaby was states away. Cry alot, I think.
    This was a very sweet post.

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