Exploding with joy!

What a thrill to once again be invited by our daughter to share her labor and birth experience this past Tuesday. To watch your own “little girl” work so hard to bring forth a new life is a precious thing. Proud doesn’t even begin to touch the depth of my feelings toward Kate.

And the look of love on the faces of Kate and Chris as they welcomed Callan Reid Dougherty into this world told it all. What a beautiful family they are: Kate, Chris, Konnor, Callan. Ahhh…

Can’t wait to include Callan in my little Monday stories and post some pix along the way. Many prayed for Callan and his mommy during both the pregnancy and delivery, and this grandma says a big, heartfelt THANK YOU. All is well. All are healthy. All are beautiful.

Life is indeed good!

3 thoughts on “Exploding with joy!

  1. ME TOO! I got to be in on my granddaughter’s birth. I think it made us closer. Isn’t it just the biggest honor ever to have been given that trust, and room in their lives for you to be there?! I wrote a long description of the experience for my baby granddaughter, Rachael, to read one day, quick before I could forget the smallest detail. It was the coolest thing I’ve ever done, being there during her birth.

    • I love your comments and am so happy you stopped by. I went to your blog as well and loved the story of your granddaughter’s birth. Being right there “at the moment” is a thrill beyond words. I’ve got to rush somewhere for an appointment but I’m looking forward to trading grandmother experiences. Cindi

  2. Congratulations! I can only imagine the honor and pleasure it was to be invited in to see your granddaughter’s birth…and she’s precious!
    Glad to have found your site! I’ll be back!

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