Dancing for Jesus

Okay all you grandparents out there, if something doesn’t work out, don’t feel like you have to continue on; be willing to change direction and try something else.

The Mommy and Me classes for Konnor are no longer on our to-do list. We missed last week and the prior week’s class found Konnor distracted, not able to stay on task, and generally just not interested. Actually, I agreed – the program is a great concept, just not well-executed. So this morning I asked Konnor if he would like to go and he said “I would NOT like to go.” Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out we weren’t going.

While it was a great idea, I’m quite happy to change direction and do something else. So after breakfast when Konnor asked to do crafts, I thought it sounded like a great idea. Konnor found his mommy’s stamps and I got the ink pads, lined his little table with newspaper, provided a piece of white paper, and for 10 minutes (probably the most you can expect from a two-year-old) Konnor stamped away. Mostly the letter K and doggie paw prints but he used four colors and covered the entire paper, proudly showing his mommy when she came home from work.

The Dougherty household is getting ready for Callan’s arrival and items have been brought out of storage. One of those items is the swing that, as an infant, Konnor DID NOT like at all. But you never know; maybe Callan will. Konnor was quite intrigued and without batteries installed he contentedly pushed the swing back and forth, practicing for when the baby would be in it. Needing batteries sounded like a great purpose for some Wal-Mart shopping so off we went.

Upon our return Konnor couldn’t wait to get the batteries in and start up the swing. It’s full of buttons that cause the various rhythms and sounds so it was right up his alley. Batteries in, Konnor started playing. He went through most of the music options, settling on a sweet classical lullaby type tune. And right before my eyes he starts doing a slow, ballet. It was so touching and so sweet. He moved slowly in time to the music and truly looked like a ballerina. I asked him what he was doing, and his answer just melted my heart. “I’m dancing for Jesus.”

I wish the dance had lasted a minute longer. I got my phone out to take a video but Konnor was done and on to the next thing. So this precious moment was not captured and I can’t pass along. But I write about it, hoping it will always be with me…if not in memory, at least by re-reading these simple stories about how I spend my Mondays.

2 thoughts on “Dancing for Jesus

  1. Sweet! You are a good grandma, doing things that are Konnor-centered with him.
    I’m just barely getting started– will begin looking after my granddaughter while my daughter is at work in 2 weeks. I hope to continue until she is in kindergarten, but don’t know if that will work as my youngest two whom I homeschool now will be going to college, and we need the income to pay for it. I’m praying that God makes a way. I would love to “start over” with my daughter’s little one(s?) and I don’t like the idea of her sending them to a sitter.
    Reading your blog just makes me crave to watch them at Konnor’s stage of life, so I’m very entertained by it! Children are so precious, and grandchildren even moreso. Thank you for sharing your musings!

    • Gigi, you sound like a woman who not only loves her family, but loves God as well. So do I!

      Many of my close friends homeschooled their children, back in the dark ages. My kids were born in 1979 and 1980 and these friends, with kids born at the same time, chose to teach at home when no one had ever heard of such a thing. It was before homeschool conferences and associations. They had to claw their way through a lot of red tape but all their kids ended up at great colleges after being homeschooled all the way through high school. What you’re doing with your youngest two shows a heart full of mother love and dedication. God will honor that.

      I, like you, understand your wanting to “start over” with the grandkids. So I’m going to pray for you right now and ask “Father, you see Gigi’s heart. You know her desires for her family, and you know and love each child and her new little granddaughter. We know that you want the best for these kids as well so together we come to you, bringing them before you along with Gigi’s desires to be as involved as possible, and ask you to work it out. We can trust you completely because as much as Gigi loves them, you love them even more. Please provide for this precious family, provide funds for college and provide childcare for this newest member of the family and future members. Show Gigi how she can best be involved and please provide a way for her to physically care for her grandchildren while also being able to provide for her college children. She’s knows ultimately you are the provider and trusts you to work out the details. Thank you and amen.

      Mimi (Cindi)

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