Baby Cute

It was not a typical Monday with Mimi. Our daughter-in-law Sarah threw Kate a “sprinkler” – a shower for the second baby where guests brought diapers, dinner, or gift certificates. Just a little something to honor Kate and Chris and welcome little Callan into the family.

Sarah did a great job and everyone had a wonderful time. Kate’s friend Wendy came to visit with her little one Baby Q (Quintin—sorry if I have the spelling wrong). And this gave us a good chance to see how Konnor will be with the new baby. And you know what? I think he’s going to be a wonderful big brother. There’s a pix of Konnor pushing Baby Q in the stroller that’s so cute. Where Konnor looks very grown-up and quite proud of being given such an important job.

And Quintin left with a new nickname…Baby Cute, Konnor’s own version of Baby Q. How precious is that!

We are now definitely on baby watch and I’m starting to sleep with my phone by my bed. I don’t want to miss any late night calls announcing “It’s time.” The excitement over the new arrival is just as grand the second time around. I think about Kate and Callan all the time and talk about them constantly. My prayers are that God will pick the absolute best birthday for Callan and secretly I hope that birthday will be sooner than later.

All the months of watching Kate’s belly grow, of feeling the gentle and not so gentle kicks and jabs as Callan stretches, searching for a comfortable position, of getting the crib set up and the room decorated have now faded away as the wonder of birth rapidly approaches. To go from months of waiting to weeks is just so exciting and this grandma’s arms are anxious to hold yet another gift of love from God.

And this time around the excitement doesn’t end because about the time Callan arrives, we’ll start watching Sarah’s belly grow with her little one; we’ll anticipate finding out if they’re having a boy or a girl around Easter time, and of course we’ll then share the wonder all over again as Baby Lynch starts performing his own gymnastics that we get to feel.

Yeah, life is pretty darn good right now. To go from being a grandmother of one to a grandmother of three in just a few months is absolutely delightful.


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