…or you could leave them here.

During a trip to Publix today I picked up some strawberries for a quick, delicious snack for Konnor, thinking I would take the remainder home to Greg. Konnor ate several for lunch and several more after his nap. Once his mommy came home from work I began loading the car for my return trip home.

Konnor watched me take the strawberries outside and asked what I was doing with them. I told him Pop Pop would enjoy eating some tonight. He thought about this for a moment and then said, “…or you could leave them here.” When your two-year-old grandson so sweetly suggests you leave the berries with him rather than take them to Pop Pop, you don’t hesitate for a second; back in the house they went, ready for this very cute little boy to eat.

Our Monday together was similar to recent ones as we went to our class, but Konnor was a bit clingy today and stuck close by my side. Come to find out the reason he was probably so clingy was no doubt connected to his being so bothered by allergies. The pollen’s been bad and I guess Konnor’s been affected by it.

Kate and Chris have had him on Children’s Claritin for a few days but his eyes itched all day long and the more he rubbed them, the puffier they got. It just broke my heart to see him so miserable because there was nothing I could really do to comfort him other than to give him a wet paper towel to pat on the itchy eyes and lots of TLC.

Despite the allergies, our happy little boy still managed to enjoy his day.

And I also had a great time because I got to spoil Konnor – something every grandma gets to do now and then. I arrived a little early last night and with the time change, it was still light outside so even though Konnor was just getting out of the tub and should have put on his jammies, Chris got him dressed and I took him for a walk. We had no sooner started than Konnor pointed out the overgrown bushes down the street. They hang over the sidewalk and apparently to a youngster look quite intimidating because as we got closer Konnor announced that a monster lived in them. And he wanted to turn around and go home.

I was able to dissuade him, convincing him that he didn’t need to be afraid because he could simply growl at the monster and scare it. This seemed to interest him so we approached the “monster” bushes and started growling like crazy. It was great fun and since we never did see the monster, I’m assuming the growls scared him away!

On the way home Konnor wanted to find treasures so he kept his eyes aimed at the ground so he wouldn’t miss anything. And he was rewarded with lots of ants which seemed to totally fascinate him. He’d drop down in a crouch and get his head close to the ground. Then pointing with his chubby finger would declare “An ant, Mimi, an ant!” It tickled him to no end that he found so many and not once did he try to squish one. He just watched them crawl along or go in and out of holes in the sidewalk.

It’s just ordinary stuff done by ordinary people but it all adds up to extraordinary time spent with someone I love so much.


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