You love your brother, right? “No, not now.”

I wish I could remember every conversation Konnor and I share throughout the day. He really is a great verbal communicator. He’s not only good with words and their meanings but with expressions and concepts such as “yesterday” or “last week.” So having conversations with the little guy is one of my favorite things about hanging with him on Mondays.

If you’re looking for some cheap entertainment, just watch a two-year-old at play by himself or with others. They just make stuff up and have a blast. Konnor was playing all by himself yesterday but he was talking the whole time. As adults, if we do the same thing, it’s a negative. “Oh, she talks to herself…” people will remark. As one who DOES occasionally talk to herself, when discovered, I feel foolish. Not so for youngsters.

Beside great conversation skills, Konnor’s memory is fabulous. Right after finishing our ‘lessons’ he asked if we could go to McDonalds. Now, he rarely eats anything there, so it was more about the ice cream. We both love that. But it’s something we do frequently so he remembers, and more importantly he remembers how much fun it is to eat ice cream…especially with his Mimi.

Speaking of memory, mine is not so great. I had forgotten how during potty training, our little ones with their very tiny bladders need to go often. Really often! All day long Konnor runs to his frog potty. He rarely announces it anymore, but I can always tell because of the trail of clothing he leaves on his journey to the frog…since his preferred mode of dress while doing this activity is “UN” dressed. Off come the shoes and sox, off come the undies, off come the shorts, and they don’t come back on unless someone insists. And afterwards he thinks nothing of running around the house in only a shirt. And I wouldn’t dare laugh out loud. No, I just smile to myself because youngsters can get embarrassed if they think you’re laughing at them rather than at something cute they’re doing. I’d never want to hurt Konnor’s feelings and I would never want to make him self-conscious about his activities. The passage of time will take care of that all by itself.

As with talking to ourselves, walking around half naked is yet another thing we simply cannot do as grown-ups! But what we can enjoy is the idea of freedom, of being open with ourselves and others. We can decide to not put so much stock in others’ opinions and learn to make our own good decisions and be content with them. Easy to say, much harder to do.

By now you’re wondering what today’s blog title has to do with anything. Here’s the story. When Kate came home from work yesterday, Konnor was delighted to see her and went running to her with his arms wide open for a big hug. In his enthusiasm he ran right into her tummy, mostly surprising her. Mommy reminded him about Callan being inside her belly and that Konnor shouldn’t head butt his brother. “You love your brother, right?” she said.

Konnor’s reply was simple, straightforward, and oh so honest. “No, not now.”

And of course he can’t love his brother right now. Callan isn’t here and who knows what Konnor actually thinks is growing inside his mommy’s belly. The idea of a brother to love and play with isn’t going to happen for quite awhile, despite his arrival in 6 weeks or so.

After Konnor’s comment, Kate and I looked at each other and agreed. No worries, the love will come and having a younger brother is going to be great fun for Konnor…but “No, not now.”


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