forgot the conclusion to “It’s just noise.”

Was in such a hurry to post last night that I forgot the ending to my story. Since I knew you were sitting on the edges of your seats awaiting it, here it is…

So what does all this mean to a grandparent? Our morning adventure cost nothing. It was close to home. It was educational. It was fun. But more importantly, it was something special the two of us got to share.

So the encouragement in all this is that often times we look for something really spectacular to share with others when in reality something small and somewhat ordinary can turn out to be just as special. Does the little one really need an expensive dish of ice cream at the specialty shop? Or will a $.69 cone from McDonalds do? Do I need to take Konnor to Disney World to have him react in wide-eyed wonder? Or will a visit to the train station provide the same opportunity? (It did!) It’s much the same when boyfriends and hubbies bring home a dozen roses…when one single, perfect rose would have said the very same thing.

So enjoy all the moments with your grandkids and don’t fret about finding things to do that are REALLY BIG DEALS. It truly is just about spending time together and showing your grand-ones there’s nothing you’d like to do more than be with them!

Would love to hear from you. Please feel free to share your thoughts.

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