Childlike faith is not an option.

The Bible says in Matthew 18: “About this time the disciples came to Jesus and asked him who would be the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Jesus called a child over and had the child stand near him. Then he said: ‘I promise you this. If you don’t change and become like a child, you will never get into the kingdom of heaven. But if you are as humble as this child, you are the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And when you welcome one of these children because of me, you welcome me.’”

But what exactly is this childlike faith? Well, today I saw in Konnor many reminders of what God wants from us. And all of these reminders came through music.

During the Mimi and Me Valentine party there was some music playing in the background. Konnor took notice and completely by himself in total abandonment he began dancing like crazy. He had a huge smile on his face and was so thoroughly enjoying himself that I couldn’t help but feel carried away by the moment, too. Only I didn’t dance. Oh, I wanted to. I wanted to wiggle and wag and shake my hands like he was doing, but my inhibitions and fear of what others might think, held me back.

Next up was singing to music he didn’t even know. Since Konnor was born I’ve had one CD in the car that I play every time we go somewhere so it’s no surprise that he knows all the words now and enthusiastically joins in. But today we heard some music he was completely unfamiliar with and still he sang. He simply made up the words. It was so cute because he wasn’t just half mumbling, half singing. No, he was all out making up words and singing loudly. And happy, so very happy.

And finally came the reggae song that would no doubt be familiar to you; it was to me. But I can’t recall the name or artist and I certainly don’t know the words. It was playing in Babies R Us and all of a sudden Konnor is singing along with great delight. And he knew many of the words, which totally surprised me. But more than that, you should have seen the happiness in his eyes and the smile on his face. He was having a blast! And it made me smile. And it made me think.

This is just how God wants us to approach him – open, trusting, enjoying what he’s provided, taking delight in the simple things. Being joyful. And that’s what I saw in Konnor today—a child who was completely and utterly joyful.

Just knowing that God loves us should be enough to send us into passionate, joyful dancing accompanied by loud and equally joyful singing. And don’t think this is only one-sided. Oh no, it’s not just us who is dancing and singing to God but he responds the same toward us. Really. The Bible tells us in Zephaniah 3:17 that “He will take delight in you with gladness. With his love, he will calm all your fears. He will rejoice over you with joyful songs.”

Now I don’t know about you but reading that sure gets my own feet tapping. And while I may not burst into song or dance while out and about, the gentle reminders I saw in Konnor today will hopefully go a long way in encouraging me to approach God in more childlike faith and to more fully experience the joy that can only come from knowing beyond a doubt that God truly, truly loves me!

Would love to hear from you. Please feel free to share your thoughts.

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