The times, they are a-changing. And ya gotta keep up!

This grandma is going through a bit of a learning curve. Kate, Chris, and I all got iphones over the weekend. While it’s definitely been fun to have a new toy, for me the learning curve is huge. I was pretty good on a regular old keyboard phone – great at texting, knew how to send pix, and even knew how to send happy faces. But the iphone is a huge technological step forward for me and I feel a bit antiquated at this point. At times overwhelmed. Just tonight I was trying to text my friend Karen and kept sending instead to Chris. Now how in the world did that happen?

What should come as no surprise is that Konnor is not at all afraid of the new technology. After watching his parents all weekend downloading apps and trying out all the new features he came to the conclusion that the iphone must be with you at all times. Throughout the day if he ever saw me without mine, he would find it and bring it to me as if it were essential to my well-being. Now, I’m definitely NOT one of those who has to have the phone in her hands at all times but it was kind of cute having him bring it to me saying “Here it is Mimi.”

Mimi & Me class was fun and Konnor reviewed the letter “K” and the number “6.” Afterwards the kids headed out to the playground but we had had some rain so all the slides were filled with water. It always amazes me that you can explain something to two-year-olds and they truly can understand. I told him he could play with all the equipment but couldn’t go down the slides and he did just that! He never tried to push the boundaries – would just run up and down, stop at each slide and reiterate that it was wet, then run on to something else.

After arriving back home and opening the door to the kitchen I immediately realized I had forgotten to put the kitchen trash can in the garage, out of Conan’s way. It was all over the floor – leftovers of this and that, topped by lots of coffee grounds. Conan had come out to greet us and oh, you should have heard Konnor scolding him: “No, that’s a bad dog. You don’t do that. Bad, bad, bad.” I hid my smile as I cleaned up the mess.

I thoroughly enjoy my Mondays and am glad Konnor and I have this special time to go to “lessons.” Around the time they finish up, baby brother Callan Reid Dougherty will be here. Getting out then will be a bit of a challenge so we may be spending more time taking walks and playing in the yard, at least for a little while until I get the hang of having two little ones with me. But the anticipation of a new baby in the family is so sweet; I can’t wait to meet my newest grandson!


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