London Bridge is falling down…and Konnor’s pants, too!

What a great way to wake up! When little Konnor poked his head in my room I was only too happy to extend an invitation to snuggle in bed. He nestled right in with his very cold tootsies finding their way under my very warm legs. If I wasn’t awake before, I was certainly awake then!

We enjoyed our first day of Mommy & Me class (or Mimi & Me as I’m calling it). Konnor calls it his “lessons.” Free play, movin’ and groovin’ to the Wiggles and other favorites like London Bridge, coloring pages and a craft, followed by story time. Afterwards, these 2-4 year olds hit the playground for 20 minutes or so. If you have a little one and a similar program near you, you may want to try it. Half the “mommies” were actual mommies, but we also had a daddy and lots of grandmas, too.

Then to Target for some fun. We didn’t have any shopping to do but toy aisles now are great places for free entertainment. Many of the toys have “try me” buttons and most two-year-olds know this. Konnor went up and down each toy aisle trying every item with one of these buttons. He seemed to know we weren’t buying them and never asked for something; he just played.

Konnor has always been long and lean and now that he’s rarely wearing diapers, there’s not much to hold up his pants. As he went up and down the Target aisles he actually held his pants up with his right hand and when I made a comment about his pants being too big he stated very sweetly “It’s okay, Mimi, I’ve got it. I can do it.” And sure enough, he didn’t seem at all bothered by having to hold his pants in one hand, while using the other to “try me.”

But cuter than that was when he was back in the grocery cart. He stands and directs me. I know it’s not the safest scenario, but we go slowly and he feels very important to be able to face away from me and see where he’s headed. But I guess there’s a little vibration with the cart as you move along because as we meandered I happened to look down at him saw that his shorts were completely down around his ankles; Konnor was standing there in his Cars undies cute as could be and totally oblivious to the dilemma. Of course, I wanted to laugh like crazy but couldn’t because toddlers can be also very sensitive and easily embarrassed. So I pulled them up and on we went—to the main attraction – the free cookie.

At the bakery Konnor was given a choice of cookie. He promptly chose the iced cookie with sprinkles. I don’t blame him cuz it really looked good, but did you know this icing actually stains your fingers? So I did the only thing I could think of – I had him share the cookie with me! (yum) Problem solved. Not only did Konnor end up with relatively clean fingers, but he had an opportunity to share, which he did quite nicely. Thanks Target – as always, we had a great time!


4 thoughts on “London Bridge is falling down…and Konnor’s pants, too!

  1. Cindi~ Evan and I also like to go to Barnes & Noble and play with the trains. We can sit and read a book or play with the trains…..of course I sometimes buy a book but not always. He rarely asks for much but he does know that Grammie carries special treats in her purse and finds chocolate in his ears……..amazing!!!

  2. What a wonderful experience you are having. Your writings are very creative and real. I could picture Konnor standing up in the cart “looking” for whatever; oblivious to the fact his pants had fallen down.

    What a wonderful life you are enjoying now. What will it be like after “baby” comes. Keep on as long as you can.

  3. Time together equals relationship. You’re building a treasure together with these Mondays. Konnor sounds like such a cutie!


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