Grocery Shopping Without Leaving the House

All good grandmas need a few tricks up their sleeves – things to keep the little one occupied, a funny song, a great cookie recipe to make with the grandkids, etc.

I’m not the most creative person but I sure can Google so I spent some time looking for appropriate craft projects to keep a two-year-old busy. The one Konnor did today was a huge hit so I share it with you. I, of course, take no credit for thinking it up but it’s easy and fun and Konnor will no doubt try it again.

Start by either drawing a big picture of a shopping cart. If like me you can’t draw more than stick figures, simply Google search images and download one. Print/draw several copies. Meanwhile, have Grandpa or another helper cut out pix of grocery store items from the newspaper. Ten to fifteen should do.

Provide a glue stick and on a childproof table, have your little one “go shopping” by choosing the various food items, applying glue, and pasting them onto the shopping cart. I think it kept Konnor occupied for about 7 minutes but he had a blast and very proudly put it on the fridge to show Mommy and Daddy.

I hadn’t watched Konnor for several weeks due to the shoulder surgery. He was very aware of my boo-boo and after making sure I was no longer wearing a diaper on it, he covered it with kisses throughout the day. And as you all know, kisses from a little one do wonders to bring healing!

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