Let’s not get tired of doing what’s good.

A new year seems a perfect time to set goals, reflect on the past 12 months, assess your place in life, you know…just generally take stock of your life.

Last year I set five specific goals. Four I met quite easily and the fifth is more ongoing but definitely something I made strides with. As I thought about 2011 I knew I wasn’t interested in setting goals again. Goals are manmade – attainable with human effort. Meeting my goals last year didn’t really bring the satisfaction I was anticipating. Instead, it simply showed that with persistence I was able to accomplish something I set out to do. And that, my friends, was actually quite disappointing!

This year I’m not setting goals or planning any agenda. Instead, I’m looking toward God doing something in my life that’s so big—so far beyond my abilities—that when others see it, and when I see it, we’ll know it was God, that it had to be God because I couldn’t possibly have done it on my own!

And now for the Mondays with Mimi story. I’m not watching Konnor this week. Everyone felt my shoulder needed another few days of healing before I spend the day alone with an active two-year-old. But since we were missing him so much, we went for a visit Saturday. What a fun time.

Since surgery, my shoulder has been bandaged with a baby’s disposable diaper. Apparently, the flexibility of it lends itself to covering a wound quite nicely. But over the past few days it’s been itching like crazy so tomorrow is doctor day and I’m thrilled to be having the diaper removed.

Meanwhile, I explained to Konnor about my boo-boo, that he needed to be careful and not touch my shoulder, that the doctor was taking good care of me and look he covered it with a diaper!

And boy did that make an impression on Konnor. Probably five or six times during our visit he would come over, look under my shirt and mention “Mimi has a diaper on.” Funny, just the time we’re trying to get him OUT of diapers, his Mimi ends up IN them!

Of great interest to me is Konnor’s ability to argue a point and stand his ground, trying to control a situation. I watched him at supper try to get out of eating broccoli. He would spit it out, make excuses, make silly faces, ask me to get him down, anything to avoid those little green trees. Once he even asked his mommy ever so nicely if he could please leave the table and go play with his toys. But Kate stayed the course and eventually won because he eventually ate the broccoli. (To Kate: you go, Girl!).

As a parent or grandparent, it’s so much easier to give in. Big deal that he doesn’t eat his broccoli. But that’s not the point, is it? The point is to raise a wonderful kid who will grow into a wonderful adult. It means teaching life lessons that will be with him forever: to eat a balanced diet, to listen and obey his mommy and daddy, that he doesn’t always get his way. And staying the course can be difficult and tiring. At times you just want to give in. But not giving in is the more difficult position to take and yet so worth it in the end.

Galations 6:9 sums it up: “So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.” What a great word of encouragement.


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