I miss my grandson!

Because of some shoulder surgery this week, I’m not hanging with Konnor. Nor next week. And I’m already feeling at a loss.

Being with Konnor has really become a highlight of the week for me – the joy on his face when I show up on Sunday nights, cuddling in his daddy’s recliner Monday mornings covered up with his blankie, watching him run around half-dressed because it’s easier for him to do his potty thing when necessary, seeing the joy on his face as we walk around the block and discover new things, going to McDonalds to have ice cream and watch the fish in the big tank (yeah, it’s a cool McDonalds!)…just ordinary things that I’m missing like crazy.

The surgery was for a separated shoulder that I’m attributing to hyper-extension of my right arm as I tried to perfect the back stroke in my parents’ pool over a year ago. Several x-rays, an MRI, and three cortisone shots later I decided surgery was my best bet if I wanted to be able to lift the new grandbaby in April. Apparently, this kind of surgery can end up with a long recovery so I thought it best to get rid of the pain and begin the healing process now so I will be ready for the new blessing when he arrives in a few months.

Meanwhile, I’m going through Konnor withdrawal and hoping I’ll get to see him this New Year’s weekend. Meanwhile, here’s a little tidbit for you.

A few days before Christmas, Kate and Chris took Konnor to the mall to meet up with his little cousins for dinner and time with Santa. Apparently, the evening was just wonderful and on the way home Konnor said to his mommy, “This was the best day EVER!” What a fun thing for a two-year-old to say. This is the kind of stuff I write about so I remember…and I joyfully share it with you.

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