It’s never too late to reconnect!

It’s been forever since I posted my first comment, which means it’s about time to post again.

Life has been about reconnecting of late. I reconnected with a dear friend who I haven’t seen in about 15 years. He even wrote a song for my wedding that I sang to Greg 35-1/2 years ago. Nick and wife Sally came for dinner and it was just like old times. What a hoot they are! (I can say things like “hoot” because, after all, I’m old!) We just talked and talked and talked as if we had always stayed in touch.

I’m also reconnecting with a friend from California and will be seeing her in just two weeks. She’s the mother of Matthew, the young man (at the time) who I donated my bone marrow to nearly 19 years ago. Can’t believe it’s been that long! Pat is coming to speak at a convention in Ft. Lauderdale and asked me to come speak as well, sharing my personal experience with donating. While I relish (another word old folks use) the opportunity to speak, I mostly just want to see her. It’s been something like 16 years. Pat is a precious lady who has now become very much involved with the City of Hope, the hospital that gave Matthew back his life after being diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

Don’t know why it’s been so hard for me to stay in touch with people who have been such an important part of my life, but what I love about reconnecting is that those who I truly connected with in the past, are still right there in my heart so with very little effort, the relationship simply picks up where it left off.

More to say, but I’ll leave it for another day.


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