Saturday nights are hot at the Lynch household!

Did I peak your interest? Wondering what I meant by “hot?” Well…it’s not what you think. In fact, it’s completely “G” rated. We just have a fire going in the fireplace…

After getting inspired by Karen Holden’s blog, I decided to start one myself. Of course, right now, only I’m writing, and oh yeah, only I’m reading it. But one day, when I’m famous over all the world, this blog will be the all important starting point. Anyone who happens to read it will be able to say “I remember when…”

Dealing with a backache for about a week now. I think it’s because of my delightfully precious grandson Konnor. He seems to be in a needy place – needing to be picked up all day long. I don’t really mind but apparently my 56 year old body minds! Big time.

To add insult to injury (pun completely intended) our mattress doesn’t help the ache. So today, without any research (something I’m definitely famous for) we went to the Original Mattress Factory and bought a mattress. Comes Wednesday and I’ll be happy to report on Thursday if my back miraculously is cured!

That’s it for now. Pretty lame, but  hey, I’m just learning. Promise I’ll be back.

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